• Noah's Ark Pet Taxi (additional charge applies)
       Only $20 to LaVernia or Floresville
             Have your pet chauffeured to the groomers at the end of his stay!  
       Your pooch will have one last chance to play before bedtime
  • Big or small, one price fits them all
       $18 a night (effective January 2014) for your Chihuahua or your Mastiff
  • Owners live on site and have over 20 years of pet experience
We are experienced pet professionals who love animals
dearly.  Please call to come and visit our facility to see if we
would be a good match for your four-legged child.  

If there is anything your dog desires that we haven't gone
over please ask.  We will fulfill any request that we can.  

Howliday Inn
Jillian: 830-534-8566
Services and Fees
$18 a night regardless of size.  

Monday-Sunday Hours-We are very flexible on our drop-off and pickup times but if possible we would like to
request no drop-offs or pickups before 12PM on Sunday morning.  
Just call us to make arrangements and we will work with your schedule as much as we can.  We are open on all
Holidays and will be happy to make an appointment with you for you to pick up or drop of your pet.

Pet products for sale!  
Our favorite is the
Thundershirt.  If your dog has anxiety associated with storms or fireworks
consider purchasing a Thundershirt.  $30 + tax.  The shirt calms them and reduces their stress.  
Two of our own dogs own thundershirts and we love what they do for them.  Ask for more
details on how they work.  

We will have a limited amount of products for sale for your convenience.
If there is anything you would like us to acquire, please ask and we will do our best find it.  
Your dog will be provided a 3 x 8 run with clean water, premium pet food and a
comfortable bed all inside our climate controlled facility.  In addition to that, we will give
him/her several
individual playtimes a day on our 1/4 acre paddock and any medications
he needs at no additional charge.

Our guests are constantly rotated in and out of the kennel to give them plenty of
exercise and personal interaction.

We prefer that only family members play together outside and rarely let strangers play
together because not all dogs "play well with others".  
If we do so it would be at your request and with the consent of the other dog's owner.

We encourage you to bring Fido's food from home because some dogs are sensitive to a
change in diet.  You may bring any toys or beds from home as well.  
We require the following yearly vaccinations:  
DHLP-P, and Bordetella.  
We also recommend the new influenza vaccine for any dogs being boarded
Our Rabies requirement is dependant upon the type of vaccine given.  
Howliday Inn accepts both a yearly or three-year vaccination depending on your county.  

We also work very hard to keep our hotel clean and bug free.  If your pet is found to have
fleas or ticks on arrival he/she will be administered Capstar and you will be charged $10.