About Us
About the owners of Howliday Inn
We believe that a pet is your responsibility for the life of that pet and we
take that responsibility very seriously.  We have rescued, fostered and
transported dogs for various Pointer rescue organizations.  

Jillian has seven years experience as a small animal veterinary technician
followed by 13 years selling premium pet products.  Both Jillian and her
husband are members of the American Pointer Club where they have both
served on the board.  We have trained and showed our own dogs to both
an AKC show championship and hunting title.  In addition to that Jillian
has owned horses for 30 years.  While just a pleasure rider now she
showed in 4H horse shows and rode endurance races for many years.  

Our children are dog lovers as well and enjoy helping us play with the dogs
that are missing their own "kids".  But don't worry, they are only part-time
helpers.  If your dog does not like children they won't bother them.   
To learn more about us and our pets visit
Hregal Oaks