In Memory

Archie was JC's first dog.  He was
rescued from a bad
situation and JC gave him a home.  

Archie was always there for JC and
proved to be the
reason the dog has been named
"Man's Best Friend"

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Princess was Jill's first horse
to own that was just hers.  
Together they learned
together and Jill even taught
Princess to ride.

She was a great horse but had
to be put down at an early age
due to a painful hoof disease,
navicular.  Now she can run
the fields of heaven without
feeling pain.  

Alex was Jill's first Pointer
puppy.  Jill learned to show
with her and they did quite well
dispite the horrible
handling efforts.  

Tragically, Alex got out onto a
busy street and her life was
taken much too early.  
I am so sorry you never got to
live a full life dear one.  

Thank you for being my best
"Bailey" CH Kingscroft's Irish Cream JH